Clean Stoves, Clear Vision.

The Problem

90% of rural African women cook on 3-stone fires in houses or huts with little or no ventilation. The resulting continuous exposure to cooking smoke damages eyes and lungs from infancy.

How our Projects Happen

We teach women to build Clean Stoves that eliminate up to 90% of CO emissions. The Stoves are of simple design, a 2ml steel efficient cooking box, a flue and chimney. African Women Trainers teach other women to build these Stoves.

Long-term, through savings groups and/or microfinance, women are empowered economically to sell the stoves or form community-based cooperative groups for sustainability. African women do these projects locally, EyeCareAfrica.Org does not.

Current Projects

EyeCareAfrcia.Org has two Stove Projects in rural Karongi and Huye Districts in Rwanda. We empower women to teach other women to build Clean Stoves to prevent eye and lung damage from cooking smoke. We work through rural Churches and Communities. The women take ownership of their Clean Stove Projects”.

Your Support

Every penny of EyeCareAfrica.Org Donors’ money goes directly to education and projects in rural villages. There are no salaries and no funds are funneled through or to the government. All donations are tax deductible under our 501(c)(3) status.

Give a woman a fish and feed her for a day, teach a woman to fish and she has fish for a lifetime.

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