Our Team

Meet some of our team members below

Our team is made up of dedicated volunteers who are passionate about making a difference. As a charitable foundation for eye care, we partner with LIONS Club International, Boston University (BU) Eye Associates, BU Department of Ophthalmology, and others.


Co-Founder, Trip Leader, Fundraiser Project Director

Co-Founder George Vardaman has led Teams to Rwanda for 13 years. George’s wife, Karin Vardaman, has been there with George 4 times. She wrote the Environmental, Hygienic and Nutritional Basic Eye Care Programs translated into Kinyarwanda for Trainers in Rwanda.


Trainer/Stoves Manager, Translator

Simon lives in country and works closely with the local women, teaching them to train other women to build clean stoves.


Optics Engineer, Technologies & Innovations

Scott Rowe is EyeCareAfrica.Org’s technical expert. He is an Optics Engineer by training and has been to Rwanda with George to repair ophthalmic equipment and to make EyeCareAfrica.Org Clean Stoves easier to fabricate and build.